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Five Strategies for Joining The 2% Club 

Helping You Join The 2% Club

A Legacy that Continues Today


Tom Griffiths  (1964-2023)

Founding Partner



In 1992, Tom Griffiths founded Griffiths, Dreher & Evans, PS, CPAs with the goal of providing personalized certified public accounting services to Spokane area clients. Tom’s personal passion for helping individuals and business owners, in particular, to be successful, drove him to look for ways to help his clients. That's how the concept for The 2% Club came about, derived from a decade of sending tax clients to outside investment advisors, and realizing he could do a better job in serving his client’s needs right here at Griffiths, Dreher & Evans, PS, CPAs.  

The 2% Club, is a program to help small business owners plan for success using 10 concrete steps they can take to formulate a strategy that works for them. Using sound insights and research, Tom then wrote the book, “The Ten Steps of Successful Small Business Owners” and related white paper, “The Informed Investor”, both designed to position an investor into the best financial situation possible.

Rebranding into an Investment Advisory Firm in 2005, Tom developed an Investment Management Philosophy based off a Nobel Prizing Winning approach focused on maximizing his client’s investments through careful and deliberate strategies.

Then by adding advisors and partners tied to an intensive mentoring program, a skilled and knowledgeable Investment Advisory Team was formed. Not only are they qualified and experienced Investment Advisory Representatives and CPAs, but Certified Business Valuation and Business Sales Consultants as well.


Our Investment Management Philosophy is a blend of tax preparation services, advanced planning guidance, and asset allocations that focus on helping clients understand their financial situation, achieve their goals and address what's important to them, based off their advisor's recommendations. 


In the fall of 2022, after moving to a new location and with the company’s advisors now firmly established, Tom began a new venture, his transition into retirement. However, just weeks away from taking his first Mediterranean Cruise with friends, Tom suffered unexpected health issues and passed away soon after, in October of 2023.


Today, Tom's vision is in full view  – in the firm he built, in the building he renovated, in his Investment Management Program that he truly believed in – and most importantly, in the people he brought on board and mentored - his partners and advisors. What you see is a growing 21-person firm overseeing assets of over 160 million dollars for hundreds of individuals and families throughout the Inland Northwest.

Collectively, the mission and expectation has been to serve each client in the best possible way, helping them understand their financial situation, their goals, and how to maximize their priorities. The vision, drive, and passion Tom shared every day in his commitment to serve its clients continues today.


Tom’s legacy lives on.

Small Business Book and White Paper Written By Founder, Tom Griffiths
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