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Exit Guidance

What Stage Are You in for Your Exit Plan?

0-2 Years to Exit

With 0-2 years to exit, you are ready to go!  It is time to get your business sold.  It normally takes 6-18 months to sell a business.  Our certified business valuation will tell you what your business will sell for and we can represent you in the sale.  We have helped many small business owners get their business sold.  Don't be one of the 75% of small businesses listed for sale that do not sell because they are overpriced.  We value and sell businesses at fair market value.  

Schedule a consultation to get your "Exit Roadmap" report started! 

3-7 Years to Exit

"I wish I would have met you 10 years ago".  We hear that a lot.  With 3-7 years to exit, you don't have any time to waste.  Exit foundations such as choice of entity and key man non-compete agreements are best executed well in advance.  In most cases, failure to obtain S-Corporation status three to five years in advance of exit can result in substantially higher taxes on the sale. 

Schedule a consultation to get your "Exit Roadmap" report started! ​

8+ Years to Exit

With 8+ years to exit, you have plenty of time to lay the foundations for joining the 2% Club.  They will help you create your best financial future and at the same time set the table for a smooth, easy business exit when the time comes.  Watch this video to learn about the financially successful 2% Club of business owners and their 5 Strategies.  Click on each of the 5 foundations tabs below to see videos on that subject and learn more. 

Schedule a consultation to get your "Exit Roadmap" report started! ​

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